Latest News
  • 1/20/2014 Host DNS Change

    Our website is being moved to a new host by our domain provider. This requires a DNS change and can take up to a day.
    I was notified of this a few minutes ago.

    I will update when it becomes available!







    This is now completed!!! Thank you all for your patience

  • Client Update - 1/6/2015

    I have been working to remove the client bugs people have been getting. I believe this will solve all issues unless someone is using an older client. Then they will have to download Patch 19 before it will work.



    • Updated client installer
    • Updated client program
    • Updated website download page with new links

  • Website Updates - 12/28/2014

    I finished updating the News - Main page. It now displays correctly and from specific forums for News and Patch notes.


    I updated the Ranks page to show only last ACTIVE Players from 30 days ago. Same for Guild Leaders on Guild Rank page.


    Must be active to appear! 


    I am continuing updating and adding new features to the main site. 



    • Fix change password page
    • Add profiles
    • Add Game Guides

  • DNS Change - 11/27/2014

    We are undergoing a DNS change in the domain name and url. It will take about a day before it changes to the new one. Some people depending on where you live will still be able to connect.

  • 11/25/2014 - Patch 19

    Patch today!
    Added to Neffy:

    • Ultimate Hunter's Package
    • Ultimate EXP Package
    • Fixed quest exp scroll in EXP package
    • Added new set of pero's
    • Added new Anima Costume box sets


    • Updated and added new machine - Now there are 2.


    • Fixed Inventium NPC quests
    • Fixed NPC for Inventium

    Game Text:

    • Added warning information to the Sigil's
    • Corrected some misc. text errors


    • Corrected mobs on maps not working correctly

    More to come! As fast as I can work! smile.png

    @[member="MistressNeko"] : 
    If you have problems logging into game - Try this!
    1. Download -
    2. Extract to Prius install directory and overwrite all files.
    3. Next - Double click "prius_registry_entries.reg" and install to registry.
    Now try login game!

  • 9/12/2014 Patch 18

    Here we go everyone, a long awaited patch fixing Cultivation and misc other dialogue /quest issues!



    • Cultivation is now working properly


    Neffy Shop:

    • Added Halloween Costumes for Anima
    • Added  Peros
    • Added  Quest EXP 100% (30 days) scroll
    • Added  Hunting EXP Boost (30 days) scroll
    • Added  3C Gauge Power Up (30 days) scroll
    • Updated Ultimate Convenience Package - Now includes 30 day Quest EXP - Price updated accordingly.
    • Added Intermediate Grade Digging Drill
    • Added Red Steam Mobile - Currently the fastest Pero.


    Planned future development:

    • Bug fixes
    • Skill fixes
    • Dungeons
    • Map Areas
    • Npc Mobs
    • Anime Costumes
    • Anime Hairs
    • Anima Hair Dyes
    • Player Costumes
    • Player Hairs
    • Player Hair Dyes
    • New Craftable Gears
    • and MORE!

  • I am back!

    I am back from my business trip! Thanks for your patience!

  • Away for 2 days...

    I am going on a business trip for a 2 days (48 hours) starting right now. I will be back Tuesday morning.


    If you donate and do not get your points - Please be patient and when I get back I will add them to your account.


    Thank you!


  • Maintenance 8/12/2014

    The server is down for maintenance. I am doing some backup and server upgrades! Thanks for your patience.

  • Little status update as to where I am at..
    Hi all, had a few minutes to jump on here and give you an update!
    I am extremely busy with a new client for my company where I work and that is why I have not been online much.
    I should be returning soonish but I do not have an exact date just yet.
    I thank you for your continued support and patience!


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