Latest News
  • 2014-11-26 20:40:54 Patch 19
         - Ultimate Hunter's Package
         - Ultimate EXP Package
         - Fixed quest exp scroll in EXP package
         - Added new set of pero's
         - Added new Anima Costume box set
         - Updated and added new machine
         - Fixed Inventium NPC quests
         - Fixed NPC for Inventium
         - Added warning information to the Sigil's
         - Corrected some misc text errors
         - Corrected mobs on maps not working correctly
    More to come! As fast as I can work! :)

    Source: Patch 19

  • 2014-11-26 20:41:09 Patch 18
         - Cultivation is now working properly
         - Add new items to Neffy Shop
         - Added Halloween Costumes for Anima
         - Added  Peros
         - Added  Quest EXP 100% (30 days) scroll
         - Added  Hunting EXP Boost (30 days) scroll
         - Added  3C Gauge Power Up (30 days) scroll
         - Updated Ultimate Convenience Package - Now includes 30 day Quest EXP
         - Added Intermediate Grade Digging Drill
         - Added Red Steam Mobile - Currently the fastest Pero

    Source: Patch 18

  • 2014-11-26 20:40:35 Patch 17

         - Removed Boss Cornix - Quest chain only
         - Added Items to Item Merchant Daphne
         - Added Warp Points
         - Added Himes Siege Portals (Now siege is working in Himes)
         - Try Sieges, should be working after this patch (If not notify me)
         - Moved dropped Star Coins to Field Boss and Random Gift for being online
         - Fixed Cornix Premium Mount
         - Added Rhino Seal mount to be tamed
         - Removed overpowered skills from NPC's in Venom Maze
         - Shaman Scorpion Gear now has Magia Bonus instead of Melee
         - Random Gift now set to give every 4 hours daily. 
         - Increased mining ratio for Tornairs (Set to certain areas)
         - Opened up new areas in middle of map (inaccessible for now)
         - Cepa now able to speak with and do quests
         - Skills trees are now fixed skills can be learned and unlearned

    Source: Patch 17


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